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Building a Better Future

Building a Better Future

We all have hopes and dreams which have been put on hold to one degree or another during the past two years. Some of those dreams have been altered forever and some aren't going to be able to be recaptured at all. Some of the people who would have played a key role in bringing your dreams to pass are no longer here. 

It is important to assess what is possible and what can still be done. Even though some of your old dreams may no longer be possible new doors of opportunity are opening. Keep your heart open for these opportunities. Don't stay focused on what you may have missed, but look ahead for the good things to come. 

During the pandemic Frenchic grew at an amazing rate because the opportunities to do something productive while locked down at home were very limited. Painting gave people a creative outlet which is very satisfying.  The company was able to expand its line-up and refine it even further.

If you are a returning customer we are thrilled to have you back here for another purchase! If this is your first time visiting then the joy and satisfaction that awaits you by transforming your old furniture into a timeless treasure is a feeling we can't accurately convey to you yet, until you try it. Then you will understand the joy that so many others are experiencing around the globe. Welcome! 

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  • Hi. I have a background in faux finishing and painting. Not so much lately but I’ve done a lot in the past. I have a dark wood buffet and I love you finishes. Do your materials come with step by step instructions. Or video? Thanks. Everett Butler. 954-253-1682.

    Everett Butler

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